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                                         New Investment Opportunities for our Customers


The investment world is diverse, economies and markets are interlinked, and investment management solutions have become more diverse and innovative. We believe that investments should be constantly monitored, because rapid response to market changes and short-term market fluctuations creates new opportunities for our clients’ portfolios. Our investment management offer places Clients at the center of our services, creating transparent and open communication channels. Honesty and quality of customer service create our reputation.


On behalf of RCieSolution, thank you for your interest in our company.

Rafal Ciepielski

CEO RCiESolution



→ Achieving investment goals requires careful planning and a clear understanding of your attitude to risk. Therefore, your portfolio needs an experienced, disciplined investment team that looks for the best potential investment opportunities from around the world ←

                                                                                   Investment Orientation

Our investment orientation is based on four principles:

• Focus on careful investment management
• Differentiated approach
• Active investment management
• Institutional discipline


                                                                  Focusing on careful investment management

We invest according to current market conditions in the context of a long-term strategic framework. The allocation of assets and the decision to choose security focus on the optimal combination of income and growth and the achievement of rates of return within the agreed risk level.

                                                                                         A varied approach

We apply the principle that diversification is the best way to realize benefits and reduce risk – invest in different asset classes, global regions and types of investments. We invest mainly in liquid assets,allowing us to respond to changing markets, generating profits taking into account the needs of clients. To determine the optimal combination of asset portfolio components, we constantly analyze expected long-term returns on investments and the corresponding risks.


                                                                                Active investment management

This process focuses on defining a broad spectrum of asset classes operating under different market conditions and on optimal investment choices. The goal of the tactical allocation of resources is basically not to change the long-term risk profile of the portfolio, but to increase profits and reduce losses by adapting the strategic framework. Our decisions regarding the allocation of assets are carried out with a systematic review of the most important factors affecting the return –
growth, value, liquidity, currency and management – which we define as the investment context.


Institutional discipline


The investment process, constituting the framework for making decisions, is constructed in such a way as to meet the risk-related objectives and return of
individual mandates. Internal risk control helps ensure, that the investment approach is consistent with the objectives. Our ability to assess and monitor risks, combined with efficiency and precision, give us the necessary information to accurately monitor the suitability of selected solutions.


                                                                        How we structure the Investment Process


The investment process, striving to achieve optimal investment effects, consists of four main elements:



We begin with a clear understanding of the Investor’s individual needs in order to determine the risk profile for a specific investment strategy.

Structured procedures, generating values for portfolios through appropriate allocation of funds with simultaneous consideration of security requirements. Respect and knowledge .

Based on the views generated by the asset allocation and investment selection processes, the constructed portfolios take into account the specific needs of Investors and risk profiles.

Supervision of risk and performance and review of investments
The Risk and Performance Assessment (Close Risk Monitoring System) and a highly disciplined process of internal review of investments facilitate the monitoring of risk profiles and analysis of key attributes of portfolios and their performance sources. We provide detailed reports to ensure the transparency of valuations and understanding of the investment logic.


                                                                                         Investment rules


Investment discipline helps to achieve appropriate profits adjusted to specific risk profiles. By investing our Clients’ funds, we have the following criteria in mind:

• We are conservative, we operate in the long term

• We know how important it is to meet Investors’ expectations and we
realize that it is often capital accumulated by generations

• We actively use diversification

• Our investment strategies are the result of a disciplined and rigorous
investment method

                                                                                        Risk management


It is understandable that the fear of a permanent financial loss is an important factor for all our Clients, when making investment decisions. Our approach and investment orientation strive to find the most appropriate combination of shares, fixed income instruments and other investments, to provide potentially the best long-term rates of return at an acceptable risk level. All investments involve an element of risk: higher risk may lead to higher returns or losses, while more stable, lower-risk investments tend
to limit the potential for higher return on investment. Risk management is a key issue when achieving investment goals in the face of an acceptable level of uncertainty.

When arranging the investment portfolio, we operate in a way that:

• Shows knowledge in the area of potential risk associated with various investment approaches
• We do not exceed the level of risk for which you are ready

During the implementation of investment projects, the value of an investment can either permanently or cyclically increase and decrease.

Cooperating with a financial advisor

Our services provide:
• The scope of managed portfolios is adjusted to the specific investment
objective and the risk-related approach
• Understanding your goals and risk tolerances in each agreed time
interval (week, month)
• Professional investment management

Our portfolios take into account our views and various market conditions.

We believe that our investment management service is second to none – our goal is to provide active work on your behalf, and our cooperation is based on excellent service and proven knowledge.


RCiESolution Team

Rafal Ciepielski

Rafal Ciepielski

CEO RCieSolution

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The views expressed herein do not constitute research, investment advice or trade recommendations and do not necessarily represent the views of all RCieSolution management teams. Are subject to revision over time.