We strive to be the best at what we do. Looking for the finance of tomorrow, we develop the way the data we use affects us. We behave honestly in everything we do. Our reputation, as individuals and as the company, is the most important.

Modern approach to portfolio management

The algorithmic approach, combination of modern portfolio management with insights from behavioural finance and psychology. The multi strategy approach is utilized to achieve the above-market returns.

Our values

We strive to be the best in what we do, to be able to set an
example to others. People do business with people they like and trust – we believe in mutual trust and transparency. Teamwork is the basis of our actions. We accept responsibility for our actions, omissions and decisions, both individually and as the company. We know that the way to value has many paths.

Above digits

An inquisitive and innovative executive team, combining experience in the investment industry and a systematic approach to science, which results in a thorough understanding of global markets and economies. By improving our investment strategies, measuring our results on an ongoing basis, we make optimal investment decisions, focusing on how to generate the alpha and effective risk management. Long-term vision and internal belief in the legitimacy of actions build lasting partnerships with Clients, supported by the result and quality of investment services.

Why us?

Focusing on Customers, we first want to understand their needs and priorities in order to be able to provide in our opinion the optimal service. If necessary, we inform the Client about the need to change the original concept, acting honestly and discreetly.

Long-term returns and fundamental bottom-up analysis

We focus on long-term returns and bottom-up fundamental analysis. The multi strategy approach is utilized to achieve the above market returns. We attempt to identify the risk/return mispricing in various types of investments and then implement an investment approach that shifts the asset allocation as risk levels change. This allows to provide a more consistent rate of return and lower volatility than a typical buy-and-hold investment philosophy. The sophisticated approach to risk management allows reducing volatility of a portfolio and managing systematic risk. The management of idiosyncratic risk is done through reasonable level of diversification across industries and countries.

Rafal Ciepielski

CEO RCieSolution

Certified Hedge Fund Professional *

+48 22 219 95 76

+48 579 65 13 35


Rafal has over 9 years of experience in Corporate Finance and Asset Allocation at the global level. Prior to founding RCieSolution, advised on an extended range of transactions including: pre-IPO, M&A, listings, corporate takeovers, private investment fund arrangement and asset allocation. Among the co-organizers and an active participant in the capital allocation process of one of the first private TFI investment fund in Poland.

His multilevel experience enables him to advice from a very broad perspective. 

Master Diploma The Warsaw School Of Economics, Faculty of Finance and Banking, specialized in financing methods and structures of corporate takeovers. 

Master Diploma The Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Faculty of Cybernetics, specialized in the National Security and determinants of Continuity Management in distributed system (Cloud Computing).

Finance Training Society

* The CHP program was designed primarily by the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the US-based hedge fund using the long/short strategy and is intended for hedge fund portfolio managers, analysts, wealth managers, professionals involved in asset allocation and traders. In particular, it includes issues from the analysis of the portfolio characteristics of various hedge fund investment strategies, asset allocation, investment risk management and risk-adjusted investment portfolio performance measures.

The program is a pass to the hermetic environment of Hedge Funds. One of the benefits, apart from practical knowledge, is the opportunity to join the group of The Hedge Fund Group, a network of over 150,000 Hedge Fund Professionals who work together, advise and direct resources to hedge funds. Another is access to the database of Hedge Funds, investing entities, the ability to observe current trends in the industry and most importantly, extend the workshop with tools and techniques to improve efficiency of work on the construction of the investment portfolio.

Modern approach to portfolio management


The algorithmic approach, combination of modern portfolio management with insights from behavioural finance and psychology. The multi strategy approach is utilized to achieve the above market returns.

Our investment philosophy is based on:



Long-term thinking and investing


The market often incorrectly values the risk


A disciplined approach


What we face is a constantly changing dynamic system


Information on investments and the situation of financial markets in Poland, Europe and the World.

Join the best


While working with the Client, we develop creative concepts, thinking about optimal solutions from his point of view. Respecting our own time and the time of others, we act in a positive way, trying to generate positive energy. We operate honestly and expect the same from our Clients.

- Rafal Ciepielski


Concept Tower Building

Grzybowska 87 street
00-844 Warsaw


+48 22 219 95 76