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We focus on long-term returns and bottom-up fundamental analysis. The multi strategy approach is utilized to achieve the above market returns. We attempt to identify the risk/return mispricing in various types of investments and then implement an investment approach that shifts the asset allocation as risk levels change. This allows to provide a more consistent rate of return and lower volatility than a typical buy-and-hold investment philosophy. The sophisticated approach to risk management allows reducing volatility of a portfolio and managing systematic risk. The management of idiosyncratic risk is done through reasonable level of diversification across industries and countries.


Rafał Ciepielski – Managing Director

Rafał has over 9 years experience in Corporate Finance and asset allocation at global level. Prior to founding RCieSolution, acted on an extended range of transactions, including pre-IPO, M&A, listings, private investment fund arrangement and asset allocation. His multilevel experience enables him to advice from a very broad perspective.

A graduate of The Warsaw School Of Economics, Faculty of Finance and Banking, specialized in financing methods and structures of corporate takeovers.

A graduate of The Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Faculty of Cybernetics, specialized in the National Security and determinants of Continuity Management in distributed system (Cloud Computing).


The algorithmic approach, combination of modern portfolio management with insights from behavioural finance and psychology. The multi strategy approach is utilized to achieve the above market returns.

Our investment philosophy is based on:
Long-term thinking and investing
The market often incorrectly values the risk
A disciplined approach
What we face is a constantly changing dynamic system

Rafal Ciepielski

Rafal Ciepielski

CEO RCieSolution

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The views expressed herein do not constitute research, investment advice or trade recommendations and do not necessarily represent the views of all RCieSolution management teams. Are subject to revision over time.